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Are Cleveland Cavaliers getting trade calls on Kevin Love and others? Hey, Chris!

Hey, @RCle420: This is the question that so many are asking. So let’s start here: There’s interest from other teams in All-Star power forward Kevin Love. Sources tell me that the Cavs have received calls about him. It’s the same thing that typically happens with him around this time of year. He’s used to it. 

As I’ve written numerous times, it will take close to the perfect deal for the Cavs to pull the trigger. 

They want Love around, hoping he can be the rock during this new era. He’s their All-Star. Those inside the organization recognize his value. The decision-makers also understand how difficult it is to acquire those high-level players. When you have one, and he is under team control for a number of years, why give that up? What’s the rush?

Of course, teams will continue to show interest. He’s a floor-spacing double-double machine. He’s a five-time All-Star. He’s an Olympic gold medalist. When he returned to the practice floor recently, it struck me how much more talented he is than every other player currently on this Cavaliers roster. 

Unless the Cavs get a treasured offer from an asset-heavy team (rumored teams like Dallas and Charlotte don’t really fit this criteria), one with some combination of high draft picks and young, controllable players on team-friendly deals, Love will likely stick around. 

Then, when some desperate franchise that cleared a bunch of cap space misses out on one of the top free agents this summer, the Cavs’ phone will start ringing again. 

According to sources, there’s also interest in Tristan Thompson. Why wouldn’t there be? The big man is in the midst of his best season and his leadership has been invaluable. Letting him go would be incredibly risky and the Cavs know that.  

There’s another obstacle in a Thompson deal: His contract — unless a third team gets involved to take some of that salary back. Sure, the Cavs will take a high-priced player or two to make a deal match, but they only want to make moves like that if a first-round pick comes as well. 

Jordan Clarkson will have more value next season when he’s on an expiring contract. The Cavs would like to hang onto that asset and I expect him to remain beyond the deadline. 

Rodney Hood will garner interest. His salary is incredibly low, making $3.4 million this season. He’s an expiring contract that can also play. Most expirings belong to names on a piece of paper. In the case of Hood, he brings enticing size, length, athleticism and scoring ability that could boost a playoff team. 

The Clippers, 76ers, Celtics, Mavericks all make plenty of sense. 

The other side to Hood is a bit more problematic, as he has struggled in two straight playoffs, which could cause some hesitation from opposing executives. That, combined with Hood’s veto power, means he could stay. 

The most likely player dealt before the deadline: Burks. 

With him, it’s not a matter of if but when. The Cavs got calls about him immediately after the Kyle Korver swap.

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