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Comedian Bill Burr defends Baker Mayfield to Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd has taken some stubborn stances against professional athletes over the course of his career and refuses to admit error. It is a scenario that has played itself out with former Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James and now Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. It is too early in his career to call Mayfield a sure-fire success but he certainly looks the part. Regardless, he has not shown to be the punk or bust that Cowherd expected.

Comedian Bill Burr recently defended Mayfield on Cowherd’s show.

Cowherd’s latest issue came after Mayfield snubbed former head coach Hue Jackson and later called him ‘fake.’

“Why go there? Andrew Luck wouldn’t. Brees wouldn’t. Russell Wilson wouldn’t. Tom Brady wouldn’t. Don’t do it. Why go there? By the way, there’s three quarterbacks in this league that everybody likes because they’re full of big personalities. Baker, Cam [Newton], and Aaron Rodgers. How are Cam and Aaron Rodgers doing these days?”

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The media personality previously took issue with a video where Mayfield appeared to be celebrating a play with himself rather than the teammate who scored. Mayfield pointed out that he was celebrating with the fans and that his teammates have never had a problem with him. Former Oklahoma and current Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews defended that as well.

Mayfield has completed 242-of-376 passes for 2,877 yards, 19 touchdowns and ten interceptions this season. He has won NFL Rookie of the Week four times this season and remains a strong candidate for this week’s award.

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