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Daily News – November 12, 2018

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Jordan Clarkson’s tattoo crusade: How the Cavaliers’ top scorer found his ‘inner legend’
Author: Joe Vardon

CLEVELAND — Forgive the yearbook approach to this, but, a year ago at this time, there was no ink on Jordan Clarkson’s body. He was a whirling, sprinting, shot-chucking blank canvas playing for the Lakers.

Today, large on his left shoulder, is a tattoo featuring the childhood face of his young brother, Bear, supported by a disproportionately smaller body draped in a Superman costume.

On his right triceps is an El Dorado called a “slab,” with an open trunk that says “Welcome to Texas.” That tattoo isn’t finished — it’s supposed to be an ode to his hometown of San Antonio.

The back of his right arm is covered by a memorial to one of his best friends, Cameron Moore, who died on the court while playing professional basketball in Eastern Europe in 2016.

Clarkson has a tattoo of his father, Mike, who is called “Head Huncho,” down his left biceps, and a stuffed bear with its eyes ripped out on his right forearm.

There are more, so many more that Clarkson can’t even give a count. All in 2018, most of them since the Cavs lost in the Finals in June. One of his tattoo artists estimates Clarkson must’ve spent 20 grand. – CLICK HERE to read full story.

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