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Do Cleveland Cavaliers have interest in trading for Jabari Parker? Hey, Chris!

Hey, @moeratty: From everything I can gather, the Cavs are not interested in Parker. 

Even though he’s only 23 years old, a former second-overall pick and gifted offensive player, Parker is a horrible defender and there are concerns about how he would fit in this locker room given some intel they’ve received on him. The Cavs are trying to build with the right people as opposed to focusing solely on talent. Plus, Parker’s contract is massive and the Bulls seem better without him. 

Yes, there’s a team option worth $20 million in the 2019-20 season that makes it possible to get out of his deal. But he’s essentially a rent-a-player given his salary. 

For the Cavs, what’s the point of trading for him this season?

They aren’t going to compete. It actually behooves them to lose more games so they can hang onto their 2019 first-round pick. And there’s no reason to view him as a long-term fit worth committing to in the future. Giving up assets, which the Cavs are trying to add unless it’s for the right piece, doesn’t make sense. Not for Parker.

The other challenge would be finding the matching salary. JR Smith’s $14.7 million gets them close. But other contracts, ones that the Bulls would actually want in a deal, aren’t readily available.  

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