We have arrived at part five of our trade-rumor rankings series, where HoopsHype ranks players based on the amount of times they’ve been mentioned in our Trade Rumors Page over the previous 14 days.

With the trade deadline less than a month away, rumors regarding player movement are heating up. And it should only get busier as we get closer to Feb. 7.

Over the last 14 days, the biggest names in trade rumors include a former NBA champion, a current MVP candidate, one All-Star and two potentially productive bench pieces.

5. Bradley Beal

Since his backcourt partner John Wall got shut down, Beal’s play has reached another stratosphere.

In that seven-game stretch, the St. Louis native is averaging 28.1 points, 5.1 assists, 2.3 steals and 3.4 triples nightly while leading the Washington Wizards to a 4-3 record, no easy feat considering how the team’s season had gone to that point.

There haven’t been too many murmurs regarding Beal on the trade market recently, but his name has come up just enough.

It’s doubtful we see the shooting guard get dealt this season, even if the team continues to struggle. Especially not with Washington (somehow) only three games out of a playoff spot in the East.

Beal is simply too valuable an asset to move — performing at an elite level while under contract for another two years after this one.

4. Anthony Davis

After steam really picked up a few weeks ago regarding Davis and a potential trade to the Los Angeles Lakers, things have quieted down.

The latest on that front, though, came courtesy of New Orleans Pelicans owner Gayle Benson, who said despite her love for AD, if he wanted to leave, the team couldn’t hold him back (via Larry Holder of The Athletic ):

“I think they’re young, and we’re going to invest more money and get the big players and do everything we can to keep Anthony (Davis) here. I really like what we have in place. I really like Anthony, but if he wants to leave, you can’t hold him back,” she said.

Regardless, no matter what happens over the coming weeks, there’s little chance New Orleans deals Davis by February’s deadline.

If something were to come to fruition, it’ll happen this offseason, when the Pelicans will have their first chance to offer Davis a monster extension. It’ll depend on what Davis does with the extension offer: If he turns it down, he will almost certainly get traded in the summer of 2019; if he accepts, he’s not going anywhere for a very long time.


3. Jabari Parker

Things are very much up in the air regarding Parker and the Chicago Bulls.

Some believed he would have been traded by now, but at the moment, it appears Chicago is in a holding pattern with the Duke swingman. At least, that’s the vibe everyone got from Bulls vice president of basketball operations John Paxson and the comments he made to NBA.com:

“‘We were all on board with (signing Parker),” said Paxson. “That’s all in the past. We’re not even going to worry about that. With the situation the way it is, we’ll look and see if Jabari gets an opportunity. This thing will be fluid. We have a month until the trade deadline. A lot can happen.”

In Chicago’s last 12 games, Parker has seen action just once, for less than 15 minutes, going 2 for 8 from the field.

Nevertheless, overall, Parker is averaging 14.8 points to go with 6.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists nightly, and despite how much his contract is worth (two years and $40 million), the fact that his second season contains a club option should help the Bulls find a taker for the talented forward.

If nothing else, Parker could provide a team with some scoring, potentially off the bench depending on the situation.

2. Enes Kanter

Around two weeks ago, Kanter got benched as the New York Knicks opted for a youth movement, and since then, steam has picked up regarding the Turkish big man and a potential trade.

Since becoming a reserve, Kanter is playing just 22.1 minutes nightly. But even so, he’s still putting up 11.8 points and 11.0 rebounds per contest in that span, proving that he could very much produce regardless of his role. Undoubtedly, contenders are taking note of that, especially those who could use a low-post scorer off the bench.

It will be tricky for New York to swing a trade for Kanter. We’ll let the New York Post’s Marc Berman explain why:

“NBA sources say Kanter can help a playoff contender but a trade will be difficult because of his $18 million expiring contract. The Knicks would need to get back that money in expiring dollars to protect their cap space. Kanter has to decide if he would be willing to accept a buyout and take a little less to play for a playoff contender.”

So unless the Knicks find a matching salary from a contender who is also on an expiring deal, it’ll prove tough to find a trade.

Kanter admitted he would rather not get traded. 

1. Kevin Love

As of Jan. 8, Love said he’s still not able to run due to the toe injury that has sidelined him since late October.

That hasn’t stopped the Cleveland Cavaliers’ big man from consistently being named in trade rumors over recent weeks.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Chris Fedor wrote that trading Love isn’t high on the Cavs’ list of priorities at the moment.

It’s obvious Cleveland is at the beginning of a massive rebuild, as evidenced by the youth movement, the trade of Kyle Korver, banishment of JR Smith and 8-34 record.

Love’s future salary — worth four years and $120.4 million — will make him quite difficult to deal, especially when factoring his age (30) and injury history. But if he can get healthy and prove he’s still a borderline All-Star talent, there’s a chance the Cavs will find a deal. It just likely won’t happen by the trade deadline.

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