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GHill and Cedi Surprise Local Shoppers

Instead of filling up the stat sheet, on Friday two Cavaliers players filled up grocery bags instead.

Instead of a going to the free throw line, George Hill and Cedi Osman stepped up to the grocery line on Friday, surprising shoppers at Giant Eagle City View in Garfield Heights to kick off the annual Cavaliers Season of Giving.

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Customers were certainly surprised when they pushed their carts up to the register and realized that the usual cashiers had been replaced by NBA players. Hill and Osman scanned everything from deli meat to milk to cookies and everything in between. They took coupons and advantage cards. What they didn’t take: payments.

As if shoppers weren’t surprised enough by their extra tall cashiers, they were blown away by the ultimate surprise: Hill and Osman paying their bills. There were many happy customers when Hill and Osman informed them that the Cavaliers would be picking up their tabs.

Just as happy were Hill and Osman, seeing the joy they brought local Clevelanders. All to put the giving in Thanksgiving.

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