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LeBron James calling himself the GOAT brings up a different debate

LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan is likely a debate that will rage on as long as the NBA is active, but to James himself, there’s no more debate to be had. The King is the King, according to James, and his championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers to end a 52-year drought solidified that.

James proclaimed himself the best ever on “More Than an Athlete” on Sunday, and since then the James vs. Jordan debate has reached a fever pitch. However, it’s not that simple. The barometer for success is different in today’s NBA, as is the style of play.

On Thursday’s “Off the Bench” podcast, Danny Kanell and Raja Bell talk about James’ comments. While they don’t debate The King vs. His Airness, they do discuss why James is making his comments now. They also talk about how LeBron’s personality has changed since he left Cleveland for the Heat, returned to Cleveland and eventually moved to Los Angeles. While Kanell thinks that the conversation should be left to other people, Bell is OK with players saying how they feel if they really believe it.

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