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LeBron James: Cleveland Cavaliers offer Los Angeles Lakers advice over NBA star | Other | Sport

James left the Cavs this offseason and penned a four-year deal with the Western Conference outfit.

During his time in Cleveland, the small forward won the NBA Championship in 2016 but then fell to consecutive Finals defeat, leading to his departure.

James’ move to the Lakers came as a surprise as their young squad is not considered to be Championship contenders this season.

But Lue reckons James will seamlessly slot into Walton’s team and he even took time to call the Lakers boss following the switch.

“I just told him about Bron, how easy he is,” Lue said.

“Bron’s easy, man. It’s not what it seems… If he has a problem or disagrees with you, he’s going to talk to you.

“He’s not going to make a big scene or blow up, occasionally you see him (upset) on the bench but… people blow it out of proportion, like it’s something crazy.

“It’s just the surrounding s*** that they try to make it hard.”

James made his debut in the Lakers’ 124-107 defeat to Denver Nuggets last night.

And Walton was delighted with his new star’s performance after he netted nine points in 15 minutes of action.

“It was awesome, coaching the Lakers and looking out and seeing LeBron wearing your team colours is a pretty good feeling,” Walton said.

“We talked and we planned to take it as it came. He was going to start and we’d go from there.

“Second quarter he gave me the nod that he wanted to get back into it and we put him back out there.

“What we want to be as a team are who LeBron is. Showing that competitive spirit he did tonight sends a real nice message to the group.”

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