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‘NBA 2K19’ Zion Williamson Plays For Cleveland Cavaliers

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Duke’s Zion Williamson celebrating a basket.

Zion Williamson is a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers…kinda!

The Duke University basketball player has put on a show since he arrived on campus in Durham, North Carolina.

Many speculate that he will make a jump to the NBA and might get drafted by the lottery-bound LeBron-less Cleveland Cavaliers.

Oh the though! 

It was such a thought that a gamer created Zion Williamson on the very popular NBA 2K 19 video game.

Per Forbes’ Brian Mazique:

Based on that realistic dynamic, NBA 2K montage creator extraordinaire Shady0018 has created a video showing a created version of Williamson throwing down his signature slams in a Cavs uniform.

Williamson has taken the hoops world by storm with his awe-inspiring athleticism and physique. It’s tough to create a player in 2K with his build. There aren’t a lot of players if any, in NBA history who have been as muscular as Williamson. The creator of this version of Williamson did a solid job with the console creation tool.

If you want to download a realistic draft class, that includes Williamson, you can search 2019 NBA Draft in the Create-A-Draft-Class menu under the options tab. Unfortunately for console fans, this version looks to be from PC. PC modder The Goods shows off this version of Williamson in the video below:

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