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NBA news: Kyrie Irving makes admission over Cleveland Cavaliers departure | Other | Sport

Irving signed for the Boston Celtics in 2017 and was traded from the Cavaliers, as many pundits believed he was playing in the shadow of LeBron James.

The point guard requested the trade, in order to become a more crucial member of a team.

Since his departure from Cleveland, he has remained relatively quiet on his former team, and his former team-mate ‘Bron’.

During media availability on Tuesday, Irving broke his silence on the matter, and admitted he left because he wasn’t a focal point of the franchise.

“I wasn’t the face of the franchise,” he explained.

“They made that very clear.

“I was just a great piece in Cleveland, which I gratefully accepted.

“I was just a great piece, a great piece.

“They weren’t giving me the keys to the franchise.

“They weren’t. I was too young, man.

“I didn’t deserve them.

“But after I while I felt like I earned it, and I took a lot of that responsibility on myself.

“Still wasn’t ready to do it, but learned a lot from that point to be at this position now.”

Irving was then asked about what it was like playing second-fiddle to James.

The 26-year-old was open when talking about how much he learned from the new Los Angeles Lakers signing.

“Whether it was the lieutenant, sergeant, whatever you want to call it to Bron, I think that being around him and his basketball knowledge, as well as all the other veterans that complemented us at that time, was something I needed,” Irving said.

“I was just, I was the fourth year in, just signed a $90m (£68.5m) contract.

“I’m thirsty for everything, and for the most part I’ve just been taught to roll out the ball and go play.”

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